Unique on Etsy Tuesdays

The weather is starting to change a little and it’s getting colder at night and I’ve been waking up to overcast skies for the first few hours of the morning.  That makes me start thinking of warm things.  I love wool and felt and came across some great felted wool slippers for both babies and adults.  They’re gorgeous and colorful, made of natural materials, handmade, keep you warm while still breathing, and keep foot odor at bay (that just made me think of a silly game I play with my 11 month old.  I smell his foot, then wrinkle my nose and exclaim, pee-u! stink stink stink!  He laughs everytime.)  One thing I know- if my feet are cold at night before I go to bed, I literally cannot go to sleep.  So slippers like these would keep my toesies toasty and promote healthful sleep.  This is not necessarily scientific fact but it’s overallgirl fact okay?

First up is these adorable booties and slippers from Kitchentable46 for babies:

Then these exceptionally stylish booties from lalashoes and their shop carries shoes in a variety of sizes ranging from babies to toddlers and girls to women.

Moving on to adults, these are masculine enough that a stylish guy would like them, from the shop Onstail, plus they are from Lithuania, which of course it would be cool to tell people your slippers are from Europe.

These are delicate, feminine felt slippers that I just love, made by Zavesfelt.  I love the gradation of color in many of this shops slippers:

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